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Weight Loss Program in Louisville, KY

Fad Diets Need Not Apply

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, lasting changes take time to become habit. At Profile by Sanford - Louisville, KY - Middletown, our nutritional program is anything but a diet. We focus on overall lifestyle change through a fully personalized weight loss program incorporating nutrition, activity, and lifestyle changes, as well as one-on-one coaching and support. We work with you to achieve reachable goals and get to a healthy weight that you can maintain.

Start your journey toward the healthy life you deserve! Meet with a Certified Profile Coach today for more information about nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching. Call Profile by Sanford - Louisville, KY - Middletown at (502) 200-8455 to learn more about our weight loss program in Louisville, KY!

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With Profile® by Sanford®, you’ll receive customized coaching on putting together the pieces of a healthy lifestyle, courtesy of our Certified Profile Coaches. We’ll help you learn how to choose supportive foods, stay active and move more, and develop healthy habits to manage emotions and stress.

As a Profile member, you will receive:
  • One-On-One

  • Personalized
    Weight Loss Plan

  • Discounts on
    Profile Food

  • Smart Technology
    For Progress Tracking

Top rated Louisville Nutritional program

Personalized Weight Loss Program in Lousiville

Whether you're just getting started on your weight-loss journey or are hoping to maintain your progress, our Certified Profile Coaches will develop a Profile Plan unique to your individual needs based on our three core principles.

Our three core principles are:

  • Nutrition – Providing a personalized meal plan that includes nutrient-rich Profile food along with healthy groceries
  • Activity – Developing a simple activity and exercise plan with your abilities and fitness level in mind
  • Lifestyle – Helping you develop healthy habits and overcome stress

We’re here for you and here with you, in every phase of your journey. Contact us today at 502.200.8455 to meet with a coach!