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Eagan, MN

Your Health Journey Starts Here

Profile is here to help you lose weight, obtain a healthy lifestyle and get the support you need to succeed. Our nutrition and health coaching program helps you lose 3x more weight* and builds a custom meal plan for you that helps maximize your weight loss.

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Eagan, MN
3344 Promenade Place, Eagan, MN 55121

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Why You'll Love Profile

Love What You Eat

Our meal plans use both meal replacement, ready-made meals and whole food options to help maximize your weight loss. We have dozens of meal replacement options including bars, shakes, entrees, snacks and more that our members love. Our Profile foods are available online or at any of our Profile stores. Our Healthy Living blog and Profile cookbooks have hundreds of delicious recipes that fit into your meal plan. 
Explore Food

Follow a Personalized Nutrition Plan

All of our meal plans were developed by medical experts, researchers and nutritionists to help you safely and sustainably lose weight. Each member is given a step-by-step nutrition plan that is simple to follow and designed to give you flexibility in your food options. During your first coaching meeting you will be matched with your custom Profile food plan. 
Have a medical condition? No worries! We offer weight loss plans that are compatible with diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, hypothyroidism, food allergies and more. 
Profile Ratings and Reviews For Eagan, MN
Based on 36 reviews
Love the Profile plan and all the coaches!! 😃
Associates are always super friendly. They are always very knowledgeable and seem to be extremely invested in the clients personal success. Not to mention the product is delicious!
I love ProfilebySanfordHealth. They have be so helpful and understanding throughout my weight loss journey. They have always helped me through any problems that arise whether it be temptations around special meals, planning for weekends away from home, or how to readjust my thinking and outlook on the plan. Signing up for me was so worth it and every morning looking at the results in the mirror is priceless!
Updated on 2/12/2020: I can’t give high enough praise to not only the Profile by Sanford program, but also to Rachel and Jenny at the Eagan office! Jennifer and I love them dearly! And all the rest of the staff too! They’re SOOO supportive and caring...and they really know their stuff! They’ve been invaluable to our success. As of today, approximately 9 months on plan, we are down a combined 150 lbs!!! 😍😎👍🏼Profile is such a great program and everyone at the Eagan office is there to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams!! Run, don't walk, there today!!!!
Love this program, but most of all, I love the coaches. They are positive, supportive, helpful, intelligent and your best cheerleader throughout the experience. Most of the food is great and the program is easy to stick to. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you want to lose anything from 10-100+ pounds!
I can't say enough good things about Profile in Eagan. It works better than anything I've tried in the past. I joined in August and already hit my goal. The program is easy to follow and food is great. I don't feed deprived at all. My coach, Ashley, is wonderful, and she - along with the wi-fi scale - keep me very accountable to my plan.
LOVE meeting with my coach Cassie every week. She always helps me set goals for the week and talks me through life situations that are coming up and helping me feel prepared!
All the staff there is so helpful and willing to answer any questions! I am been overly impressed with Profile, they have far exceeded my expectations!
My results are slow and steady with Profile. The structure of the program is a great fit for me. Love my weekly conversations with my coach, Ashley, and the proactive approach to eating that she is teaching me. Food is food, but it can be “healthy” fun too.
I have truly enjoyed the kindness of the staff. I have a chaotic work schedule so I have been blessed by the flexibility they have shown me in scheduling my appointments. Whether in person or over the phone! I like the foods .
We love our coach Rachael. She listens to us and gives thoughtful supportive responses. I have heard from others that the coaches seem disingenuous and use canned phrases and don’t seem to be interested in the person. Just be real and learn to listen without thinking of a reply. We feel Rachael is the ideal coach because she is sincere and really wants to empower others to live better lives. We are fortunate to have her as our coach.
Great staff. Program works!!! Jenny and Rachel have been so supportive and kind. They have made the journey worth it!
In January, 2019 I started the program weighting 259 pounds. I decided to join because I had not been able to lose the weight on my own after trying multiple times. I met with Jenny H. I talked about the plan and how it works and I was convinced. The first week is challenging because it is low carb and lots of bars and shakes. I lost 6+ pounds that first week and I was motivated!! Now I am within 2 pounds of my goal of 220 pounds, the same weight I was 39 years ago when I graduated from high school. I have appreciated the coaching from all the staff at the Eagan location and have transitioned to mostly normal foods. We eat way more veggies and keep track of what we put in our bodies and how much I exercise. Join the program, stick with it and you will be successful!
Great weight loss program with 1-1 coaches and everyone is really nice and super friendly!
I have been doing this program for 9 months and love the accountability to myself and support from the coaches. I continue to work towards my healthy goal weight by exercising and mindful eating while doing this program.
I've been utilizing the program for one month now and have lost 10 pounds, realized what I can and cannot eat due to my sensitivities and I have LOVED the coaching I get from Cassie. Everything tastes so good and the staff is always friendly. HIGHLY recommend... I've literally tried EVERYTHING. The coaching, mapping out of your day with foods and the accountability is amazing
This program is awesome. I have reached my goal but it was so easy of a plan to follow I will keep going setting new goals. The coaches are great (Jennifer). They never make you feel rushed and will take the time to listen to you. Customer service as a whole is top notch at Eagan.
Cassie is phenomenal! She's came over here to create stability and I know that is for me! My journey is ready to pick up again. Thanks guys!!
Profile is the perfect weight loss program for anyone who needs the structure of a program, and the flexibility to deal with daily life! The coaching sessions are always helpful because they take the time to listen and make sure the program fits your journey.
A great place with helpful staff. 5 stars.
I love my coach at the Eagan location! I had an instant connection with Jennifer. She understands my goals and she has great advise on how to help me meet my goals and keep me on track!
Great program. The plan is easy to follow and I've started making healthier life choices. Everyone I've interacted with at the Eagan location has been super positive and helpful.
The Eagan team is fantastic! Our coach is full of helpful advice, resources, recipes and other customized guidance. You'll feel welcome and supported, never rushed or frustrated. Thanks for cheering us on to great results.
Profile by Sanford in Eagan will help you gain the proper tools for better health. The personalized coaching sessions are a great encouragement and resource. This plan meets the needs for anyone wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, wether you are looking to gain healthier eating habits, or if you have leaps and bounds ahead of you. It’s not a cookie cutter, one size fits all. Go check them out for yourself.
I am thrilled with the Profile weight loss program! I have been losing weight at a regular pace and it's very easy to follow. The coaches at the Eagan location are so nice and very knowledgable and helpful! It really makes a difference to have someone to meet with regularly who offers good tips and positive words of encouragement. :)
The staff is always friendly and ready to help!
I love the Eagan location. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and always has time for questions. The coaches are wonderful and really listen to concerns and are very encouraging.❤👍😀
It is always a great experience to visit Profile by Sanford in Eagan. The staff is friendly, encouraging, helpful and always eager to answer questions. They make the journey fun!I. It is a great place to get started on this journey and find support and ideas along the way.
the people at Profile by Sandford Eagan have been a great support system in my journey to losing weight. They are always positive even when I am not on track. I truly enjoy going in and meeting with all of the professionals at the Eagan Profile!! Great people Great program! I enjoy all the food, and I am never hungry. Thank you for all your help on my journey to a healthier me!
I LOVE this program! It is the only one that has ever worked. I recommend this program. So easy to follow!!!
Great coach. Really good food options. Profile Eagan helps keep me motivated and reach my goals.
The coaches are awesome. I have met with several different ones and each has their own area that they focus on and new ideas to help you get past plateaus or just encourage you to keep going.
Coach support = success. I love their support.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They go the extra mile with giving recipes and activity ideas. Everyone I have met with so far has been very knowledgeable and addressed issues differently and given me more to work with to make this program successful for me.
Great place and love coming here
Each one of the coaches I have met with so far have been incredible. They make planning meals and talking out barriers so easy. The way that they are able to lay out your day so that there are no excuses, have helped me stay on track. Wish I would have walked in months ago.

Get Ongoing Support and Guidance

Did you know that you can lose 3x more weight by teaming up with a health coach than on your own?*
That's why when you join Profile you get the support of a certified health coach. Your coach will meet with you weekly to make sure you are reaching health goals and will support you through your lifestyle change. Along the way, you will also get support from other Profile members like you in our exclusive online member group. 

A Day in the Life

Enjoy a variety of Profile and grocery foods throughout your health journey. 

Oatmeal Icon Breakfast: Profile Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Coffee Icons Snack 1: Profile Mocha Shake + Coffee
Asian Bowl Icon Lunch: Ground Turkey Zesty Asian Bowl + Profile Lemony Iced Tea
Protein Bar Icon Snack 2: Profile Zesty Lemon Bar + Mixed Fruit Drink
Spaghetti Icon Dinner: Spaghetti Squash + Lean Protein
Pudding Icon Snack 3: Profile Chocolate Pudding

Why Our Members Love Profile:

The plan is easy to follow. Simplicity with my busy lifestyle is why Profile Plan works for me.
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It fits my lifestyle. With other things, I’d get 30 days in and be sick of it. There’s still freshness with this.
I really like how easy it was for me. The Plan is there.You don't have to think about it.
149 + LBS LOST


How To Get Started

1. Schedule a Free Consultation

Discuss your health and weight loss goals and determine if Profile is a good fit for you. 

2. Get a Personalized Meal Plan

Meet with a certified health coach to get matched with a custom meal plan and order your food. 

3. Start Losing Weight

You're all set! Your coach will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are reaching your goals.

We'd Love to Meet You!

Making the decision to pursue a lifestyle change can be difficult. That's why we offer you the change to get a free consultation with one of our enrollment specialists. During this time, we will help you determine if Profile is a good fit for you based on your specific needs, conditions and lifestyle.

Schedule your free consultation online now or fill out the form and we will contact you to find a time for your consultation.