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Journey Mapping

What is it and why does it work?

What is Journey Mapping?

Journey mapping is a path of planned, meaningful education to help you learn, grow, and stay engaged on your weight loss journey. With a variety of lifestyle lessons available, your coach can help you select lessons that will have the most impact on you and your life. Each lesson includes a #JourneyAtHome section to help you apply it to your everyday life for long-term success.

Why Journey Mapping Works

Studies show you will lose 3x more weight when you work with a health coach.* Journey Mapping improves that experience. Since introducing Journey Mapping, our members are more engaged in their weight loss journeys and attend more coaching sessions.*

The nutrition, activity and lifestyle lessons you’ll learn include:

Re-thinking food
Profile by Sanford food labels.
•How to read food labels
•How to eat healthy while eating out
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Fitness and Goals
On Profile by Sanford you will find an exercise routine that works for you.
•Getting started on a fitness routine
•Discover "Non-Scale Victories", AKA NSVs.
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Making Changes
You might just sleep better on Profile by Sanford!
•How to navigate hunger and emotions
•Creating new healthy habits
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Want a closer look at some Journey Mapping lessons? Check out the ones below.

Portion Size Guide [DOWNLOADABLE PDF]

Discover the portion sizes that are right for you in this healthy lifestyle lesson. You’ll also learn how to measure and estimate portions no matter where you are. This will give you the freedom to enjoy the foods you love.


When life gets busy, meal planning is a game changer. This lifestyle lesson includes our best tips to make meal prep easy. You’ll discover your go-to healthy recipes and learn how to prep main ingredients for multiple meals.


Your sleep may be negatively impacting your overall health and weight loss. This lifestyle lesson is filled with education and easy tips you can apply to start getting some high-quality Zzz’s.

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