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The new Journey App provides members the convenience of their plan in their hand. Giving you the power to schedule coaching appointments, set reminders, track progress, and more, the App takes the stress and overthinking out of weight loss. Sync your Apple Watch, and your coach can follow your journey in real-time as they see your stats.

Track Your Weight Loss Progress

The Journey App syncs directly with your Smart Body Scale. After weighing yourself, go to the ‘Progress’ tab to see your total weight loss in pounds and percentage. You can also see total inches lost and weight to goal.

Click the arrow next to ‘Weight’ to see changes in your:
• Body fat percentage
• Muscle percentage
• Bone mass percentage
• Total body water percentage
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Plan and Track Your Meals + Activity

• Go to the ‘Nutrition’ tab to see your meal plan and grocery list.
• Edit a food with the pencil icon and use the ‘Add Item+’ to customize your meal plan.
• Check off what you eat as you go to stay on track.
• Under ‘Nutrition’ you also have the option to track your ounces of water.
• Go to the ‘Activity’ tab to schedule your activity for the week.
• Add activity on the days you plan to workout.
• Select activity type, intensity, and duration. Once completed, check it off.
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Message Your Coach 24/7

• Communicate directly with your coach under the ‘Message’ tab.
• Just hit ‘Create Message’ to send your questions.
• Review your upcoming appointments under the ‘Appointments’ tab.
• Quickly add them to your personal calendar with ‘Add to Calendar.’
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Complete Lessons to Learn Healthy Habits

Under the ‘Lifestyle’ tab are hands-on lessons to educate you on your weight loss journey.

• See all lessons under the ‘Not Assigned’ tab.
• Click ‘Start’ to do the lesson of your choice.
• If your coach assigns a lesson, it will be under ‘Assigned.’
• To review past lessons, navigate to ‘Completed.'
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Track Your Goals and Achievements

• Create a new goal in the ‘Goal’ tab. Select if the goal is short term, mid-term, or long term.
• Check your goal when it is completed.
• See a list of accomplished goals under ‘Completed Goals.’
• View your achievements under the ‘Achievements’ tab.
• Click an achievement to share via text message or social media.
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Refer Family and Friends

Get a unique referral link to give to family and friends in the App.
• Earn Journey Rewards for every referral that signs up.
• Your link can be found under ‘More’ and ‘Account Info.’ 
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to access the Journey App if I am not a Profile member?

No, only active members can access the Journey App. Once you are an active member, you will gain access within 5-10 minutes of your membership purchase.

How do I set up a login for the Journey App?

Once you are a member, a password setup email will be sent to the email address you signed up with.

How can I access the Journey App? Is it available on my desktop device?

You must first access the Journey App from the web app: https://journey.profileplan.com. Once you complete your onboarding questionnaire, you can download the mobile app. Search for Profile Journey in the Google or Apple store.

Who should I reach out to if I have issues with the Journey App?

Reach out to your Profile coach or call your local store if you have issues.

Available for Apple and Android, the Journey App is a Profile membership perk. Scroll down to discover its many features and how they make losing weight easier.
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