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Try 4 weeks for $49

Hey everybody!!! As you know, we have been “planning” on committing to fitness and wellness for some time now. And now we are doing it for REALZ. We are so excited to team up with Profile by Sanford and their amazing program to help us reach our goals, improve our health, and even lose a little weight in the process. So far SO GREAT. Profile is helping us make lifestyle changes and we have never felt better.

Why we LOVE Our Health Coach!

"Did we mention we have a personal coach? Yes, she is an actual human being, that helps you maintain your goals, give nutrition guidance, and is also a nice friendly face that helps you feel encouraged and motivated when you need it most. So you never feel like you are in this alone…plus you have us!"

Team up with a real-life coach who will educate, motivate, and support you through every step of your weight loss journey. Our coaches come from a variety of wellness backgrounds, and they must receive and maintain Profile health coach certification.

Join the Simple Weight Loss Program

$49 for 4 weeks is for coaching only. All other Profile products sold separately. Valid only at participating stores. Non-transferable and nonrefundable. Offer expires 7.31.21. Subject to terms at