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I Mom So Hard Special Offer!

I Mom So Hard and Profile by Sanford - Save $100 on profile

Hey everybody!!!  As you know, we have been “planning” on committing to fitness and wellness for some time now. And now we are doing it for REALZ.  We are so excited to team up with Profile by Sanford and their amazing program to help us reach our goals, improve our health, and even lose a little weight in the process.  So far SO GREAT.  Profile is helping us make lifestyle changes and we have never felt better.  Profile was developed by physicians and researchers at Sanford Health, a large hospital system. The program is backed by science, and there are special plans for pregnant and nursing mothers. Read about Profile’s approach to healthy lifestyle change.

Did we mention we have a personal coach? Yes, she is an actual human being, that helps you maintain your goals, give nutrition guidance, and is also a nice friendly face that helps you feel encouraged and motivated when you need it most.  So you never feel like you are in this alone…plus you have us!

We are all in this together! If you’re ready to take control of your health, sign up using promo code IMOMSOHARD to receive $100 off a 1-year Profile membership*.

Profile coaches can even do DNA testing to use your genetics to create a tailor-made plan that works specifically for you! Come join us!  Jump on the party wagon, we promise it’s not all alfalfa and bean sprouts.  As moms, as women, we have to support each other and keep each other feeling good both inside and out.  Let’s get back to on track to healthy and happy!  Yay!  #ProfileProud

Kristin and Jen

Save $100 on a Profile Membership*, which gives you access to all the tools you need to be successful.

*$100 off the Success Kit (ARV $199). Success Kit includes Smart Body Scale, Food Scale, Camelbak Water Bottle, and Blender Bottle. Coaching and Profile Products sold separately. Valid at participating locations only. Subject to additional terms and conditions. Offer expires 12.31.21


Did you know it is proven you can lose 3X more weight when you work with a health coach?* Certified health coaches work with you to create and follow a nutrition plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle. They serve as your mentor, friend and advocate throughout your health journey. Coaching appointments are available for in-person and virtual appointments.


Access and track your results with Profile's Journey App. Our Smart Scales (included in the Profile New Member Success Kit) measure your weight, BMI, body fat and more and automatically sync to your app. Profile also offers a 3D body scan that allows you to track your success visually and effectively, with measurements that have less than 1% error.


Whether you’re looking to lose weight or striving to live a healthy lifestyle, eating the right amount at your meals is just as important as eating the right foods. In this free guide, you will learn the difference between a portion size vs. a serving size. Knowing this will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods in a way that also meets your needs.

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