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What do you do when take care of everyone else at your own expense? As a psychologist, minister, husband and father, I have a lot of responsibility to care of others daily. However, what about me? This reality hit me hard when I got an emergency call that a friend was hospitalized for heart issues. His confession about putting the needs of others above his own health scared me because I could relate. He indicated that his identity was so caught up in being a helper that he simply developed the bad habit of sucking it up, ignoring the warning signs and delaying taking care of himself. I could see myself as he spoke.

I watched the concern in his family’s eyes in the hospital room as the doctor told him about a regular routine of exercise, diet and no stress to recover his health. Right then, I decided that I could not allow that to be me! I thought about my wife, two very young daughters (3, 13) and started to do the math. If I really wanted to live long enough to see them both get married and be a healthy grandfather, then I had to get real about having excellent health versus waiting for serious problems and being forced to be reactive.

I took a serious look in the mirror at the areas of concern that were right there in front of me. One, my family is ravaged by Cancer and high blood pressure. Two, my exercise routine is inconsistent which means my heart was not getting routine energy to work optimally. Three, for the past year, my stomach had been hurting due to diet, stress and sudden food allergies (chocolate, tomatoes, cheese, etc.). If I didn’t change, I had to face the fact that I could very well be the one in the hospital in a few years. I looked in the mirror and declared, “Not me”.

Finding the Profile Plan

I immediately made an appointment with my primary care physician for a physical and told her about my friend, stomach issues and goals for 2020. I also shared my goal of being a Centenarian (live to 100) to give myself a realistic chance of experiencing as much family time with my wife, young girls, and future grandchildren as possible. She looked me right in the eye and was honest, “If you are really serious then you better get a great health coach to hold you accountable.” Two days later, I was in front of my new health coach, Laura, via Profile.

Laura is a former marine, a grandmother and a marathoner. I figured if I was going to get healthy then I had better get the best. She took my measurements, asked the tough questions about my work out routine, stress level, diet and family goals and created a plan for me. I check in with her twice a month (virtually and in person) and I love it. The plan she created for me via Profile is based in science and my specific body physiology which is important to me as a doctor because I need to trust the process. I also like the human element because Laura is both encouraging and dedicated. She is encouraging when I need support and tough when I make excuses.

Monthly Coaching

Health coaching has really worked for me. I am doing great! I am down to 19.9% body fat for the first time in my adult life. What has worked for me is the accountability with Laura. She has transformed me in just one month by adjusting the one thing that was holding me back, my mindset. I used to blame fatigue and long work hours for not exercising regularly and poor diet decisions. However, Laura, shared with me her secret to getting through the Marines and running marathons. I implemented it immediately. What did I have to lose? Now, I am exercising 150 minutes a week religiously, eat the Profile snacks versus junk food, and cut my hours at work to have more rest and balance. I am forever grateful, and everyone is noticing my new look.

Spreading the Love

I can proudly say that I look better than ever at 45 and I am achieving my goal of looking younger next year. I have told my ministry friends, other healers, and clients about Profile because they all see the difference. I tell them, “You need a great coach and the right plan to get results.” Something else happened, however, that I didn’t expect. My family joined the challenge without me even asking. They saw me change and immediately became curious. My wife actually attended a coaching session with me and Laura. She left with a huge smile on her face when Laura gave me my new plan.

We left the appointment with the Profile weigh-in scale, food measuring scale, healthy snacks, shakes, and a grocery list. My wife called my parents and brother about the appointment and they were shocked at my change. They joined the challenge and even cooked vegan collard greens and black-eyed peas for New Years! They committed to exercising and a diet change too of their own too! This is monumental because my parents are from the country, Tuskegee Alabama, and tradition is difficult to change. However, like me, they have seen too many friends and family get ill and pass and decided enough was enough.

Profile is now a lifestyle for my entire family, and we are looking forward to a serious meeting at the family reunion to discuss health with relatives. I have peace of mind knowing that my family is getting healthier daily and it means the world to me. Thank you Profile for my plan, my health coach and new life!

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