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Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to be starting my new journey with Profile! As a busy mom, working full time and blogging on the side, I needed a healthy, regimented system that could keep up with me and my schedule! Being paired with a Profile coach, we’ll decide what will work best for me and my personal health goals. Having an accountability coach and healthy choices at my fingertips, I’m confident in this system working specifically for me! I’m ready to bring on 2020 and the healthier, better me! Whatever the year brings, Profile can adapt and change right along with me!

If you’re ready to take control of your health and want to partner with Profile, all of my followers will get $100 off their 1-year Profile membership by using my code: BESTDRESSEDBLONDE. With your membership you’ll receive a free Smart Scale (a $119 value) that syncs to your Profile account so you can continually track your progress. You’ll also receive a Profile Precise DNA Kit ($99 value) so your specific coach can use your genetics to create a plan specifically tailed to you! I’m so excited for this journey and can already say I’m #profileproud– join me!

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