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Profile At Home

Virtual Health Coaching | Personalized Nutrition Plans | Convenient Food Delivery Options

Virtual Health Coaching

Talk with a real-life health coach weekly. Your coach will provide you the tools, resources, and expertise to educate and motivate you on your weight loss journey. Profile coaches come from a variety of wellness backgrounds and undergo extensive training to receive and maintain Profile certification. We team members up with a coach who has the skills that best match their needs.

Custom Weight Loss Plan

Follow a personalized nutrition plan custom designed for your lifestyle and goals. Your step-by-step plan serves as a roadmap towards building healthy habits that last and sustainable weight loss. Your custom plan does not stop at nutrition! It also comes with an activity plan designed with your lifestyle in mind. Workout out at home? Limited mobility? Exercise fanatic? No matter your fit, your coach can set you on a path to success.

Convenient Food Delivery Options

Profile at Home offers the most flexible options for your product needs. If you live near a Profile store, curbside pick-up is a convenient option. If you don’t live near a Profile store or you prefer delivery, we have various ordering options available. Get the nutritious, delicious food you need delivered right to your front door.

What to Expect from Virtual Coaching

Coaching appointments are vital for your weight loss success. If you’re not able to be coached in-store, virtual coaching is a great option. Here is how a virtual coaching appointment works:

How to Connect with a Coach
How to Connect with a Coach
Schedule your virtual appointment and choose to be coached via phone or video call. If your choice was video, you will receive an email prior to your 1-on-1 with instructions and a link for accessing the meeting. If you have questions prior to your meeting, reach out and we would be happy to help.
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Set Up Wherever You'd Like
Set Up Wherever You'd Like
The best part of virtual appointments: You can do them anywhere! Just find a quiet place when it’s almost meeting time so you’re able to hear your coach and focus this time on yourself. Double check your technology if you’re doing a video call.
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It Will be Business as Usual
Business as Usual for Virtual Appointments
Virtual appointments will follow the same structure as in person. You and your coach will cover your progress, goals, and education. If you’re doing a video call, your coach is able to ‘share their screen’ to walk you through education.
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You Can Place an Order
You can place an order for your Profile food.
You will have the opportunity to purchase anything needed at the end of your virtual appointment to be shipped directly to you. Your coach can walk you through foods, new products, and delivery or pickup options.
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Meet Your Coach

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We’ll provide the tools you need for successful, healthy weight loss at a payment option of your choice.

Monthly Payment Option
Our most flexible payment option. Pay as you go through your weight loss journey on a monthly basis. Get started on our monthly payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Annual Payment Option
Get a year of one-on-one coaching and nutrition plans for a great value! One upfront payment for a year of support and education. Get started on our annual payment option by designing a custom plan with your Profile Coach.
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Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ page for answers or reach out to us. We would love to help!