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Smart Tracking Technology

Coaching When It Counts

The new Journey App provides members the convenience of their plan in their hand. Giving you the power to schedule coaching appointments, set reminders, track progress and more, it helps take the stress and overthinking out of weight loss. With Profile, you have coaching in your corner. With the Journey app, you have it when and where you need it.

My Journey App

At Profile, we incorporate Smart Tracking Technology in all plans and protocols to help make members’ journeys simple and sustainable. The cutting-edge technology enables you to track daily progress and monitor goals from the convenience of your own home, while keeping you and your coach connected.

Key Features of the Journey App

We create a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching program designed to help members lose weight – and keep it off! We team you up 
with your own health coach who has the skills that best match your needs.


Sync to your SmartBody Scale to track daily weight loss progress and monitor goals.


Make grocery lists, plus plan, track, and save your favorite meals.


Set activity goals with your coach and track daily progress.


Earn achievements, including lifestyle goals and NSVs.


Message expert coaches whenever you need them.


Complete short lessons, read helpful blogs, and get tips and advice from coaches.

Profile Reviews


I try to keep all of my appointments at profile. The coaches at Profile really help me stay on track. I used to just see one coach but one of the girls said it might be advantageous to talk to different ones sometimes because they may have different ideas/routines for food preparation, exercising etc. Of coarse I’m still in the reboot phase of the program and work crazy hrs so it’s kind of a struggle sometimes. But they’ve really helped me a lot.

Profile has changed my life for the better! After 12 weeks I have lost 31 lb and 31 inches. Although I’m excited about the weight lost , I’m more excited about the profile program and how it transformed my thought process, It has every tool to help you change your lifestyle, specific foods , customized plans, to personal coaching. The staff are not just friendly they feel like family! If you want a weight lost plan Profile works if you follow the plan designed for you !

I really like this plan, it teaches me healthy eating habits. It makes it easier with Profile food combined with groceries. Then they slowly get you eating more groceries than Profie food. Lots of support from coaches. Also get support and encouragement from other members on the Facebook page. The food is tasty and easy to prepare. Lots of recipe ideas are given. Stores are clean and cheerful. Lost over 20 lbs.

I have had steady success with Profile. It is the most consistent plan I have ever tried; and I have tried many! Products taste great, excellent tools, and friendly helpful coaches.

After trying numerous diets the past 5 years without success, I found Profile. Profile has been my life saver and changer. I have been on the program for about 5 months. I have lost 39lbs and 32 inches (maybe a few more since we last measured) and lowered my cholesterol by 50 points. The plan is easy, the food is good and all the coaches are amazing. They all truly care about you and are with you every step of the way. I love the coaching part the best. It helps me stay accountable to myself. I still have 11 lbs until I get to my goal weight but all I can say is, I feel like me again and I missed her. Thanks Profile.

Profile is incredible and I cannot recommend the profile plan enough! I have been working with my coach Alyson for about a month now and have lost over 10 pounds. The plan is easy to stick to and it WORKS! (as long as you don’t cheat!) as someone who has tried every crash diet in the book, i love profile because I don’t feel deprived, the meals are filling, and I am finally seeing results.

My coaches are very knowledgeable and compassionate at my location. They seem to know when to give you a push and when you need postive reinforcement.

Profile is great to help get you on the right track toward a healthier lifestyle. With a little personal discipline the structure and simplicity make it easy to succeed. Coach Jessica has been great to work with and her encouragement is the best!

Profile by Sanford has help me transform my life of obesity. I have been on the program for just over a year and have lost over 100lbs. My coaches Amy and Kim have been there ever step to help me along the way. Without them making this so easy I wouldn’t have been able to do it. This is truly a life style change you can’t afford not to make!

Amazing staff of people who are dedicated to helping others find balance and improve their lives. Aryn, my wellness coach, has been so supportive and encouraging. She’s gone out if her way to find great solutions for challenges while traveling for both work and fun which have gone a long way to keeping me on track while not feeling like I need to sacrifice or miss out on things. It’s been a great journey so far, and I look forward to continuing. Thanks to Sanford Profile for all you do!