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Smart Tracking Technology

Coaching When It Counts

The new Journey App provides members the convenience of their plan in their hand. Giving you the power to schedule coaching appointments, set reminders, track progress and more, it helps take the stress and overthinking out of weight loss. With Profile, you have coaching in your corner. With the Journey app, you have it when and where you need it.

My Journey App

At Profile, we incorporate Smart Tracking Technology in all plans and protocols to help make members’ journeys simple and sustainable. The cutting-edge technology enables you to track daily progress and monitor goals from the convenience of your own home, while keeping you and your coach connected.

Key Features of the Journey App

We create a personalized nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching program designed to help members lose weight – and keep it off! We team you up 
with your own health coach who has the skills that best match your needs.


Sync to your SmartBody Scale to track daily weight loss progress and monitor goals.


Make grocery lists, plus plan, track, and save your favorite meals.


Set activity goals with your coach and track daily progress.


Earn achievements, including lifestyle goals and NSVs.


Message expert coaches whenever you need them.


Complete short lessons, read helpful blogs, and get tips and advice from coaches.

Profile Reviews


The Profile Plan makes it easier, even in the more challenging times, to stay strong and make better nutrition decisions. Alone, my nutrition choices got me into a rut that was harmful both physically and emotionally. With the Profile Plan I take ownership of my nutrition decisions and confidence from my coaching sessions, which gives me the determination I need to stay on track towards reaching my nutrition and weight goals successfully.

The Profile Plan is a super simple, complete program. If you TRULY make the decision to follow it, it works!

Great place and great helpful staff that will help you reach your health goals!

Awesome people at the Minnesota Ave location (in Sioux Falls, SD) – especially Aryn! Thanks for all your support, encouragement and guidance!

Coach Josie is very helpful, easy to talk to which is very 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐩ful to me. When I was scared and apprehensive she helped keep me calm and inform me about the program. I am so excited to start this journey and to especially have someone like the Profile team to be on my side.

I’ve lost 50 pounds on Profile and feel and look better than I have in years. The plan is so easy to follow and the coaches are fantastic!

Profile by Sanford (Coeur d’Alene) is a great place to go for anyone that is struggling to lose weight. The coaches there are great with weekly coach sessions that help one their goal of losing the weight.

Great plan great coaches 2 weeks in and lost 23 lbs.

Love the coaching staff and the food is great! Highly recommend!

Lost 20+ lbs being on this plan, the food & shakes are tasty and having a coach to help keep you accountable is a wonderful thing!

This lifestyle program is so much more than a weight loss program. It has been an amazing year. The program works if you are committed. Also don’t worry about your commitment because the coaches give you all the support you need without judgment. we are all in this together.

P.S. The food is great and is affordable.