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Profile by Sanford and HomeFit

Partnering to Prioritize Your Health

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Profile by Sanford, a custom weight loss and nutrition company, has partnered with HomeFit to help you reboot your nutrition and help you achieve your health goals. By teaming up with our friends at HomeFit, Profile by Sanford is able to offer you a custom nutrition plan alongside of your fitness plan, allowing you to get all the support you need to improve your health, fitness and wellness. Schedule a free consultation with Profile to get started!

Why Profile by Sanford Works

file by Sanford is a health and nutrition program that works with you to create a custom meal plan based on your goals, health conditions, personal preferences and genetics. Our plans are simple to follow, promote sustainable lifestyle change and provide the support you need to stay on track and motivated. We have helped over 185,000+ members lose 2.5+ million pounds and get started living a healthy lifestyle. Coaching is available in-person at any of our 150+ locations and online with virtual coaching. See more features of our program below:


Did you know you can lose 3X more weight when you work with a health coach than on your own?* Coaching is available in-person and virtually.


We promise you will lose 15% of your body weight, or more, in your first year on Profile!* Start your health journey with a free consultation.


Track your weight loss and wellness success with Profile's Journey App, 3D Body Scan, Precise DNA test and more.