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You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet

It's the age old question many people ask when trying to lose weight. Is diet or exercise more important to weight loss? The simple answer: you can't outrun a bad diet.

You Can't Outrun a Bad Diet

It’s the age old question many people ask when trying to lose weight. Is diet or exercise more important to weight loss? The simple answer: you can’t outrun a bad diet. The choice to do just one or the other shouldn’t exist; you need both to optimize results. However, while both nutrition and exercise are important, nutrition has a much greater impact for weight loss than exercise alone. You can’t scarf down a tray of cupcakes and think you can run it off – that’s not how our bodies operate. We know that exercise is beneficial and effective, but it can be pretty easy to sabotage your efforts with poor nutrition habits. It’s much easier to cut calories than to burn them off.

The Proof

We’re going to nerd out a bit on just how diet and exercise relate to your weight loss journey. A weight loss study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that dieting and exercise together was 3.8 times more effective than exercise alone in terms of pounds lost. Exercising alone yielded only 6.4 lbs. lost, dieting yielded 23.6 lbs. lost, and the combination of the two outperformed both with 24.3 lbs. lost.

This study proves to us that we can’t outrun a bad diet. Combining cardio and strength training along with a healthy, well-balanced diet will help you reach and maintain your weight-loss goals. This is a well-known recipe, but is usually missing the proper support.

Get Nutrition Support

Going at it alone can be difficult and may feel like an uphill battle. Although support can come in many ways, a unique skill set is required to help you see the path ahead, the potential barriers to achieving your goal and the skills needed to overcome those barriers. A health coach possesses the support you need in balancing good nutrition and a physically active lifestyle.

While professional athletes have coaches and trainers to help them achieve their fitness and performance goals, health coaches can help us to properly fuel our bodies and achieve our weight loss goals by instilling healthy eating habits and removing old ones. The best part about it is you don’t have to be a professional athlete to start changing your lifestyle with the guidance from a coach. You can after all teach a dog new tricks! A health coach can create a personalized approach offering accountability, motivation and guidance in achieving a healthy diet alongside – not in place of – your exercise program.

Maintaining Your Success

Once you’ve reached your goals, maintaining your results is as equally, if not more important, than achieving them. Your health coach can educate and prepare you for the lifestyle changes that best fit you by creating realistic goals and strategies that are measurable and achievable. By practicing good habits to achieve your results, you are more likely to continue making positive choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How Profile Can Help You

Profile is a comprehensive approach to weight management centered around nutrition, activity, and lifestyle. Created by one of the largest health systems in the country, our members reach their weight loss goals through personalized meal plans, 1-on-1 coaching, and meal replacement products. A Profile Coach can help take the guess work out of the foods you should eat and ones you should avoid and create a customized meal plan just for you while combining with a physical activity regimen that will lead you down the path to a happy, healthy and active life! Become a member today!