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Real or Not Real: Comparisons

Profile's Coach of Coaches, Chris Clark, shares his take on comparisons in the first installment of his Real or Not Real blog series.

Real or Not Real: Comparisons

Profile’s Coach of Coaches, Chris Clark, shares his take on comparisons in the first installment of his Real or Not Real blog series.

When you have a goal to achieve, it’s important to be real. Learning to be real with everything is one of life’s greatest challenges, but once you’ve arrived at the summit of honesty you’ll feel empowered in ways you couldn’t imagine. That’s the real, honest truth.

When I need a dose of real, I make my way to Profile’s members only Facebook group to read real Profile member journeys written by real people that have had their eyes opened to a real world that they haven’t experienced before. That’s real inspiration.

What keeps us in the not-real world for so long? Here’s one real possibility: Comparison.

How We Learn to Compare

When we are young and know very little about the real world, we learn quickly that life is full of comparisons. Good kids get praise; naughty kids get attention. The fastest kids get a medal; slower kids don’t get one at all. We take notice as people who fail get one thing, and those who succeed get another. By the time we get older and feel the need to make a healthy change in our lives, we can’t help compare our success to what others may be able to do.

Comparisons Aren’t Real

As a Certified Profile Coach, I help members understand that real change starts with letting go of the natural tendency to compare. A member doesn’t have to be 100 percent real at the start of their journey, but for lifestyle change to stick – really stick – that person has to understand what works for them is much more important than what anyone else is doing.

Profile isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Each member’s challenges are unique, which means that each member’s journey is unique. And, yes, that means success comes with different obstacles and at different paces. That’s exactly the way Profile is built to work, and that’s what a real personal journey is all about.

Teddy Roosevelt is famous for saying “Comparison is the death of joy.” Let that marinade like one of our amazing Profile dressings on four ounces of fresh salmon. Once that quote soaks in, it’s easier to understand that avoiding comparisons injects joy into your life.

Real Support and Real Results

I’m a lucky guy. I spend my days creating real things that help real people. Profile is real. Your coach is real. Your fellow members have real journeys and understand the real need to provide friendly words of encouragement. We provide a real, easy-to-follow plan that gives you a real opportunity to get real results.

The fun part is feeling the positive results that you’ve earned. You are the one that went to that Profile Coach appointment. You tried a new way of cooking those vegetables. You decided that walking was a perfect way to increase activity. Thank you for being the one who decided to provide an inspirational story to other members on Facebook. You are the one who decided that you were Done with Diets. Your new lifestyle is real, and sharing it with all of us is a real blessing.

If you’ve honestly tried to make changes before and honestly failed, search your soul for the real reasons. Maybe you tried some not-real diet that made not-real claims, or you tried some not-real magic in a bottle. It doesn’t matter what tripped you up in the past; what really matters is the real choices you have in front of you.

At Profile, we say “When You’re Done with Diets, Choose Profile.” When you are done comparing, embrace the program that sees you as a real person with a real mountain to climb. You’re going to climb it, and we’re really going to help.

(Chris Clark is Profile by Sanford’s Learning and Development Manager, which means he makes a real difference in our mission to Change Lives, One Relationship at a Time. He wrote this article while listening to “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, which he says will give you a real hop in your step).