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Making Heart Health Easier

Profile's Chief Healthy Living Expert Stephen Herrmann, PhD, shares his take on how Profile is taking action during American Heart Month.

Making Heart Health Easier

Profile’s Chief Healthy Living Expert Stephen Herrmann, PhD, shares his take on how Profile is taking action during American Heart Month.

For more than 50 years, American Heart Month has focused attention on health and understanding the risks of heart disease. Events during the month, including the popular Go Red for Women Day – are great opportunities to promote heart health.

Profile’s approach to heart health is different. We want to make improving heart health easier. With the support and guidance of a Certified Profile Coach, members like Shannon (who lost more than 100 pounds) have improved overall heart health by making healthier choices every day.

Each time a national awareness month comes up (February is Heart Month, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, November is American Diabetes Month), people ask me what Profile is doing to join the effort. Here’s my answer: We are experts in healthy lifestyle change, so we focus on changing behaviors that lead to lasting change. Our work helps reduce risk factors associated with several conditions.

Since we’re nearing the end of American Heart Month, here are four key things that you can do take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle (and they apply to every other month, too).

KEY #1: Make a Choice to Change

Nothing is more powerful than a member’s decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle change. Our job is to help that member keep the positive momentum and navigate the road ahead. When someone looks to Profile for help, we want them to understand what it means to be Done with Diets and what it feels like to take the first steps toward a healthier life.

Setting expectations for success is exactly why we made the Profile Promise to our members. When a member wants to live healthier, the Profile Promise outlines a path to success and promises results. I wrote about the Profile Promise last month, and chances are I won’t stop talking about it any time soon.

KEY #2: Understand Why You Want to Change

One of our rock star Profile Coaches recently put together an article to help our members understand the importance of “Finding Your Why.” It’s a conversation our coaches have with members thousands of times each year, and it can turn out to be the most important conversation a coach can have with a member.

The reality is that our most successful members don’t make a lifestyle change to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol. Their Why is usually something bigger, something more motivating. Finding their Why ultimately makes lasting change seem easier.

KEY #3: Know Your Numbers

There are a lot of numbers that will change during a member’s journey. Profile’s Smart Body Scale provides a couple numbers – weight and body composition – so members can get nearly immediate feedback on progress. It’s also important for our coaches to work with members to set other goals that focus less on numbers and more on life’s smaller victories.

Heart Health Month is a great time for our members to find out some of the numbers that are a little more difficult to measure. Online tools – like this one from the American Heart Association – provide a quick way to test overall heart health with a few questions and basic lab results. We encourage all our members to know the numbers that impact their heart and cardiovascular health. If you don’t, talk to your physician or health care provider.

KEY #4: Making Healthy Lifestyle Change Easier

Profile’s heart health efforts do not begin and end in the month of February. We work year-round with members who are committed to making healthy lifestyle changes, providing them with the tools and feedback that they need to help them reach their goals. Furthermore, our members can take solace in the fact that they are not alone in their journeys – our Profile coaches and retail staff are committed to providing member support every step of the way.

(Stephen Herrmann, PhD, is Senior Director of Operations for Profile by Sanford. He’s an actual research scientist, but he spends his time taking super-fancy research stuff and turning it into concepts that actually help people make healthy choices).