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Tips for Overcoming Self-Sabotage [Video]

Are you holding yourself back? Do you get in your own way? Learn how to overcome self-sabotage in three steps.

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Could you be self-sabotaging your healthy lifestyle goals? Maybe you think things like, “I’ll start next Monday.” Or you tell yourself you can’t do something before trying. If you find yourself thinking such thoughts, you may be getting in your own way.

So, how do you overcome that?

Step #1: Identify your core values

Self-sabotage is often a misalignment of your core values. By taking the time to identify what is most important to you, you’ll find it is easier to align your behaviors with the goals you want to achieve.

Step #2: Do a value acquisition

A value acquisition can help you identify your core values. Your values often change and evolve as major life events take place. In our Overcoming Self-Sabotage webinar, we shared a fun and easy exercise that will help you do so.

Step #3: Avoid niagra syndrome with a value check

Once you have your values identified, take time to think about how your actions and goals relate to them. What changes could you make to your daily routine this week that would be more aligned with your goals?

Get FREE access to the webinar below. It includes a step-by-step value acquisition that is simple to do.