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Get Ahead While We Fall Back

It's time for the clocks to fall back. What if you used these last moments of 2020 to get ahead? We're sharing some easy ways you can focus on your health in the last days of 2020.

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It’s time to “fall back” as you dial those clocks back an hour. And we’re here to encourage you to get ahead in other areas of your life. This time of year is when it often becomes easy to set goals aside with the hopes of picking them back up at New Year’s. Instead, think of how awesome you’ll feel when midnight strikes and you’re already crushing your 2021 goals.

Here are some easy things you can do to get ahead of the game as you push those clocks back an hour:

Focus on your sleep routine.

The time change can often mess with your sleep schedule. Give your body some grace as it adjusts to the clock’s change. Be aware of how you are feeling and switch up your routine as needed. That may mean going to bed earlier or getting up sooner. We shared some practical tips for getting a good night’s rest in a previous article. You can also download a free guide for even more sleeping tips.

Find ways to boost your mood.

As the days get shorter and colder (especially if you live in a state that gets heavy snow during winter), this time of year can bring some seasonal blues. Stay aware of how you’re feeling and seek help as needed. Bundle up and go for a walk when the sun is shining. Sunlight and exercise will boost your mood and help your body clock adjust to the time change. Set a scheduled time to take a daily walk for a healthy routine your body will love. Another easy mood booster is to pause for a second to jot down five things you’re grateful for that day.

Fuel your body.

It’s always important to fill up on healthy meals. But starting with a hearty, nutritious breakfast tells your body it’s time to start the day. This in turn can help your body adjust to the time change. We previously shared some delicious breakfast recipes that are great to wake up to. And don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Your body will thank you. Here are some H20 tips to help you do so.

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