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Enjoying Summer Cookouts

Just because you're climbing up rungs on the ladder of health does not mean you should have to take a few steps down on the social ladder.

Enjoying Summer Cookouts

Just because you’re climbing up rungs on the ladder of health does not mean you should have to take a few steps down on the social ladder. Profile is a weight loss program that will not only help you reach your health and wellness goals, but also educate you on ways to sustain these new health habits. The following list is comprised of Profile-approved ways to party-proof your diet while simultaneously enjoying summer gatherings with friends and family.

How to Maintain Your Diet at Summer Cookouts

Think Ahead and Act Before

If you are going to a summer event where you know there won’t be many (or any) healthy options for you to enjoy, eat a salad or vegetables before going. Not only will you feel satiated when confronted with tempting foods, but you’ll also stick with your plan. Simply respond to invitations to eat with “Thank you for the offer, but I just ate and am full.”

Be Picky

If the only type of meat available is fried food, opt to pick the fried skin off the meat and eat the rest.

Water is Your Friend

Be sure to keep a glass of water at hand. Often times we confuse feelings of hunger with feelings of thirst. Instead, choose to stay hydrated during the warm summer months while also potentially avoiding a situation where you are trying to meet your body’s need for water with food.

Move Around and Focus on the Company

Sometimes all we needed in order to move away from the table of food is to distract ourselves by focusing on the company we are with. Find friends to catch up with and perhaps walk around from table to table in order to avoid sitting for a long period of time. Your ability to get your mind off of the temptation to go off plan could be remedied by socializing with the people around you.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Avoid eating mindlessly as well as the tendency to snack over the span of several hours. If you are lightly snacking and grazing over the span of several hours, you may not recognize how many calories you are consuming. Be mindful of physiological hunger cues and then choose the healthiest option available.

Volunteer to Bring Something

Offering to bring salsa and vegetables or a vegetable tray enables you to stick with your plan and enjoy yourself, but also gives your friends and family the opportunity to select healthy options. Everyone wins!

Talk to Your Coach

Remember, Profile coaches are here to help you reach your goals. If you are nervous about an upcoming event or are unsure of Profile options at the next summer cookout, let your coach know so you two can figure out a solution together.

Always keep in mind, one event does not make or break your daily efforts. In the same way we do not want you to feel deprived of food, we do not want you to feel socially isolated because of your decision to improve your health. Part of being on a weight loss journey is learning how to navigate social gatherings involving food in the healthiest way possible in order to achieve your goals as well as have fun with family and friends.