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7 Habits That Will Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Profile Wichita’s Manager Sam Schaefer shares the 7 habits she sees her most successful members doing to lose weight and keep it off. You can easily add them into your own daily routine.

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Profile members all over the country have had great success in losing weight and making permanent healthy lifestyle changes. Do you want to achieve your own weight loss goals? If so, we thought it would be helpful to share with you the seven habits we see our most successful members doing. They’re habits you can easily start incorporating into your own life to start living healthier.

1. Layer on the motivation

Add layers of motivation throughout the week to keep focused on achieving your weight loss goals. Consider slapping a motivational sticky note to your bathroom mirror or kitchen cabinets. Save a picture of your family to your phone’s background as a reminder to be your healthiest version, not just for yourself – but for them too. Find your “why” and remind yourself of it often.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Every person is uniquely different and so is their health journey. Those that have the most success don’t compare themselves to others. Instead, they find inspiration and deepen their commitment toward achieving their own weight loss goals. In fact, you’re probably inspiring those around you too (even though you may not know it)! 

3. Try new recipes

Variety is the spice of life! Don’t be afraid of trying new recipes to spice up your meal plan every week. Most successful Profile members get excited to try new foods and recipes (and we have hundreds of great recipes to choose from). If you can consistently find ways to try new things, you’ll find that you can keep your taste buds happy as you’re getting healthy!

4. Plan ahead

Have you heard of the 5Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance? Spend some time once or twice a week to plan your lunches or dinners, and have them ready to go in the refrigerator for the next day. Are your running shoes and workout clothes packed and ready to go for tomorrow? You will never regret taking a little time to prepare for the next day!

5. Re-frame your thoughts on exercise

Successful Profile members re-frame their definition of “exercise” and focus on increasing their overall activity throughout the day. Can you take the stairs more often throughout your work day? How about parking farther away from the grocery store entrance? Every little thing adds up!

6. Stay strong in your convictions

People will comment on the new way you’re eating and exercising, and the healthy choices you’re making. But you know what? It’s not their journey – it’s yours! Be ready to combat the nay-sayers with ready-to-go answers:

  • Q: Is that all you’re eating? A: I ate before I came, so I’m not very hungry.
  • Q: You’re a crazy health-nut now and not as fun during happy hour! A: I wouldn’t say so – I’m just living a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the atmosphere and time with friends.
  • Q: You’re just going to gain the weight back. A: Nope, not this time. I’ve joined a program that teaches me to eat healthier and motivates me to exercise a little more. I’ve already lost 15lb!

7. Find consistent support

Find someone to cheer you on as you work to achieve your weight loss goals. When your friends and family are part of your journey to a healthier you, they can be there to encourage you and boost your motivation as you strive to make lifestyle changes. From a walking buddy who makes exercise more fun to a spouse who cooks healthy meals, our most successful members have a supportive team by their side.

Profile coaches provide support and guidance like no one else can, providing you with safe and effective meal plans and supporting you throughout your journey toward a healthy lifestyle. Profile coaches are ready to celebrate the good weeks, help you plan for special events, and challenge you to believe in yourself through it all. We’ll be there with you every, single week. 

You can do this, and Profile can help. Book a free, no-obligation one-on-one consultation with a certified Profile coach to learn about how you can take small steps to achieve your weight loss goals.

These habits were shared by Profile Wichita’s Manager Sam Schaefer. They are the top 7 things she sees her successful members doing to lose weight, keep it off, and live healthier into the future.