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5 Coach Tips to Help Make This Your Healthiest Summer Yet

Five things you can do to live a healthy, fun-filled summer.

3 Healthy Eating Hacks for Your Summer Party Schedule

Grab your sunglasses and flip flops because we’re diving into summer mode! Whether you’re looking forward to an action-packed family vacation or stress-free days spent reading by the pool, you can soak in all summer has to offer while staying on track to reach your weight loss goals. Here are FIVE things you can do to live a healthy, fun-filled summer.

1. Head to the Farmer’s Market.

Summer is an exciting time of year to take advantage of a wider variety of fruits and vegetables in their peak season. Check to see what your community offers for locally grown produce. Do you have a weekly Farmer’s Market? Do you have the opportunity to participate in Community Supported Agriculture or a plot to plant a community garden? These are great ways to save money, support local growers and enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables that are hitting their peak ripeness over the next few months:

  • May: asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, cabbage and radishes
  • June: broccoli, carrots, summer squash, green beans, turnips and cucumbers
  • July: beans, onions, beets, celery, berries, cherries, melons, peaches and plums

2. Master a healthy recipe to bring to cookouts.

Enjoying barbecues with family and friends is a summer staple. Pick some of the seasonal summer fruits and vegetables we talked about above. Also, skip the mayonnaise-laden salads. Instead, replace them with vinaigrettes (Profile offers a Zesty Asian and Balsamic Vinaigrette) to eat lighter without sacrificing flavor. You can also switch things up from the usual hot dogs and burgers by bringing grilled chicken salad in lettuce wraps. Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Pick up Profile’s new Greens, Grillers and Goodies Cookbook at your local store.

3. Sip on iced tea or fruit-infused water.

Keeping yourself hydrated during the heat of summer is vital, but sugary and alcoholic drinks often have empty calories that add up quickly. Instead, infuse your water with berries or lemon wedges for a refreshing, low-calorie choice. Unsweetened iced tea with a squeeze of lemon is another great option. Profile also offers many delicious low-calorie choices, so check out your local Profile store or visit our drink recipes.

4. Fire up the grill.

Explore your local grocery store or butcher to find deals on meats that will compliment your fresh produce. Grilling is a quick, delicious way to cook lean cuts of beef, chicken, salmon or pork. Even vegetables are great on the grill! Click here to enjoy a recipe for rainbow grilled veggie kabobs.

5. Map out your summer goals.

Even though the days are longer, summer has a strange way of speeding by. To avoid finding yourself in late August wondering where time went, intentionally think about what you’d like to accomplish this summer before it starts. Reflect on where you are, where you were a month ago, and where you want to be 1 to 3 months from now, so you can create S.M.A.R.T. goals for a clear path to achieve the results you desire.

Not sure where you’d like to go? A Profile coach can help you evaluate your core values to determine how well your current behaviors align with the values you deem most important and your vision for the future.

On your journey to achieve a fun-filled, healthy summer, Profile has your back! Connect with your Profile Coach for more tips and tricks to live your healthiest summer yet. Not a Profile member? Click here to find your nearest location and set up a free, no-strings-attached consultation with one of our Certified Coaches!