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30 Tips for Weight Loss Success from Profile Members

If you’re on the search for new veggie ideas or helpful Profile tips, you’ve come to the right place! We recently asked 3 questions in our Facebook Profile by Sanford Member Group and our members delivered some great advice.

Photo of parents enjoying a picnic on a nice day in the park.

If you’re on the search for new veggie ideas or helpful weight loss tips, you’ve come to the right place! We recently asked 3 questions in our Facebook Profile by Sanford Member Group and our members delivered great tips for weight loss success. Here is what they had to say. Read on! 

How do you stay on track eating at your favorite restaurant?

Trying to navigate your way through a night out a restaurant is a challenge that everyone who has ever been on a weight loss plan has had to face. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Check out a few of these “pro-tips” from Profile by Sanford members below:

“When my husband and I go out to a restaurant we ask the server not to bring us bread.” – Sherri S.
“Have the sandwich made into a salad.” – Susan B.
“Look at the menu before you go and choose your meal ahead of time.” – Michele S.

“I look at menus online so I’m able to find restaurants that my family enjoys that also have profile friendly options. If I go in with a plan, I’m less tempted to go off plan.” – Mischa L.
“Eat before you go. Even if it’s just a shake or bar. If you’re not starving, you’re more likely to stay with your decision.” – Tracy H.

“I’ve found that if I drink 32 ounces of water before I go to a restaurant, I’m not hungry for appetizers.”– Jen S.
“My husband and I will share an entrée. Most places will gladly split it for you. We order an extra salad.” – Elizabeth S.

“Get a to-go box as soon as your food comes and pack half your meal up.” – Michelle S.

“Lighten Things Up: I like to add water to my dressing and mix it up. It tastes the same and goes way further, especially if they don’t have a lighter option available.” – Kayla J.

“Take the Focus off Food: Can’t fight a craving? Call a friend and catch up!” – Ariana M.

Incorporating veggies is hard! What’s the best way to do it?

For those who have a hard time finding ways to add veggies to your diet (and who doesn’t), Profile members have some tasty ideas and recipes:

“I put frozen cauliflower rice in EVERYTHING! Soups, stir fry, taco meat. I also roast it or make it mashed.” – Justine S.

“Portobello mushrooms in place of bread or taco shells.” – Jaclyn B.

“ZOODLES!” – Anne E.
“Steam cauliflower and mix with creamy chicken soup. Delicious and SO filling!” – Mary C.

“Profile Vegetarian Chili cooked per package instructions then add in sautéed zucchini, onions and red peppers. Yum!” – Alisha R.
“Spinach and zucchini in the vanilla shake.”– Julia S.

“Spinach goes well in any of the shakes. You can’t taste the flavor at all!” – Jill W.
“Pickles to munch on during the day.” – Jill W.

“I eat my veggies raw with a flex dip!” – Heather D.

“Pizza with a Punch: Roasted veggies on the Profile pizza crust.” – Tracy H.

“Rhubarb is a Veggie?!” Rhubarb made with sugar-free jello. I am on sustain, so I add raspberries some of the time.” – Alvina M.

Any good advice for travelers?

Traveling is typically a time where weight loss and wellness go out the window. Especially if you don’t plan ahead. Of course you should go ahead and enjoy yourself on vacation but plan ahead and be prepared with these easy to follow tips:

“I pack each day’s shakes, snacks and bars in its own bag and choose what I will eat or drink from the bag. Label them Monday – Sunday”. – Michele S.

“Separate your days. Put each day’s allotted shakes, bars and fiber drinks in sandwich-size plastic bags or separate them by binder clips and put in a large zip-top bag. Flatten boxes and put them in the bottom of your suitcase. I reuse my bags at home during the week. It’s easier to keep track of what you’ve eaten/not eaten if you can actually see it”. – Chances C.

“Pack healthy alternatives always. I pack a cooler with water and packs of shakes, bars and veggies”. – Jen S.
“Put your shakes in a baby formula container to make it easier to put in a water bottle on the go.” – Rachelle W.

“When traveling, bring denture cleaning tablets (like Efferdent). Use a tablet with water to give your shaker bottle an on-the-go cleaning. It will help keep your shaker bottle odor-free until you get home!” – Jodi K.

“Pre-fill empty water bottles with the shake mix. At shake time, all you need is to add water and shake vigorously.” – Cathy R.
“When possible, I pre-make all my meals and freeze them to easily bring through TSA (easier if packed in a separate bag) and then I know I have everything I need.” – Jennifer B.

“Make muffins ahead of time. They travel well, refrigerated or not. If you have access to a fridge, protein balls work well.” – Bonnie P.

“Hotel Room Selection: I try to stay in rooms with a fridge and microwave.” – Jennifer B.

“Ice, Ice Baby: For the actual trip, fill your cup with ice chips. Keeps your mouth busy without snacking.” – Dorene V.

If you have tried other weight loss plans with less than successful results, go ahead and schedule a FREE one-on-one coaching session with a Profile by Sanford coach.

Did you found these tips for weight loss success useful? Please share them with someone else who may benefit. As they say, “sharing is caring”!