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13 Tips for Staying Healthy at Home from Profile Members

Here are what Profile members are doing to stay healthy at home during the quarantine.

Happy senior adult couple cooking together in home kitchen.

Millions of Americans are now working from home to help flatten the coronavirus curve. We recently asked in our Facebook member group how our members are staying on track while working from home. They had some great advice! Here is what they had to say:

1) Keep your routine going.

  • I am keeping to my normal routine. I set my alarm, have coffee and breakfast, work and take my breaks. – Julie J.
  • I’ve been doing the same routine as I would if I were at work even though I’m at home. – Mari S.
  • I wake up and workout to get the happy endorphins going and then I start my day. I have my meals (shakes) set out for the day. – Sara U.
  • I am staying on schedule prepping my meals so I don’t get tempted and I set a reminder on my work calendar to go off when I would usually take my work walk so I will get on my stationary bike at home. – Bernadette J.

2) Get moving and stay motivated!

  • I set up anything workout-related in my house in one spot so it’s easier to find and use. I’ve also been going for daily sanity walks outside no matter the temperature or weather. – Kristina A.
  • I’m taking walks around my neighborhood when it isn’t raining. – Julie J.
  • I am taking breaks to walk around the block as all of my work has transitioned to online which is much more sedentary than I’m used to. – Traci W.
  • Every time I get up to go to the bathroom or get more water, I walk 10 laps around the kitchen, dining room, living room, and the hallway to the bedrooms. – Thomas S.
  • Taking walks every day outside (the gym is closed) or walking in the local mall if it’s too cold out. (I live in northern MN) – Mary D.

3) Stay focused on certain things.

  • I am focusing on what I can control, which is what I eat! – Denise M.
  • Exercise and water are lacking so I’m just trying to refocus on those. – Jennifer W.
  • I am working on small goals for the day. – Sara U.

4) Look for the positives.

  • I find this easier. Less desire to go out to places to eat. Fewer people calling me to see if we want to have dinner or drinks. No urges to go sneak candy from the office candy bowl where everyone’s dirty hands have been! – Dallas D.

For more great tips and inspiration, join the Profile by Sanford Member group on Facebook. If you’re not a Profile member and would like to learn more, click here to schedule a free virtual coaching session.