Employer Wellness
& Weight Loss Partnerships

Employee Wellness That Works

Healthy employees keep businesses running smoothly. By incorporating Profile into your employee health and wellness program, you provide your employees with a simple, effective and sustainable path to a healthy lifestyle change. Profile will work directly with your business or your health insurance company to create a custom wellness program.

Profile By Sanford Employee

Partnering with Profile

will grant your employees access to the following benefits if they become members:

  • Access to a Certified Profile Coach
  • 50% off Profile Membership ($300 value)
  • Discounts on Profile Food
  • Smart Body Scale & Home Link Bridge ($119 value)

Does My Businessneed a wellness program?

From desk jobs to careers where you work with your hands, every business can benefit from partnering with a wellness program. Obesity is a leading cause of lethargy, heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. When an employee improves their physical health, their mental health also improves. With the stresses of serious health issues out of sight and out of mind, people have an easier time focusing on their careers and the future.

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