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Personalized Nutritional Program in Chicago, Il

Come Find Out What Separates Us From Other Weight Loss Plans

Are you looking to start a brand new weight-loss journey with a team of professionals who can help you monitor and maintain your progress? Then call us today to talk to our Certified Profile Coaches about developing an individualized Profile Plan that can help you meet your nutritional and weight loss goals. We know that having a busy schedule makes it difficult to always make healthy choices, which is why Profile by Sanford is committed to helping you make nutritional changes that fit your busy lifestyle.

We stand by the following three core principles:

  • Nutrition: We provide you with a personalized meal plan that includes nutrient-rich Profile food and healthy groceries
  • Activity: Our Profile Coaches will develop a simple activity and exercise plan that suits your abilities and fitness level
  • Lifestyle: We will help you develop healthy habits and overcome stress

Our team is here for you, and with our smart technology for progress tracking, we will be by your side each step of your weight-loss journey. Call (312) 494-1482 to ask one of our team members about how our nutritional programs help you reach your goals.

Special Offer! First 150 Members Join for $50

With Profile® by Sanford®, you’ll receive customized coaching on putting together the pieces of a healthy lifestyle, courtesy of our Certified Profile Coaches. We’ll help you learn how to choose supportive foods, stay active and move more, and develop healthy habits to manage emotions and stress.

As a Profile member, you will receive:
  • One-On-One

  • Personalized
    Weight Loss Plan

  • Smart Technology
    For Progress Tracking