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Profile Members and Their Coaches Share What They're Grateful For on World Gratitude Day

Today (September 21) is World Gratitude Day! The relationships Profile members form with their coaches is something truly special and totally worth celebrating. We thought of no better way to do so then to ask three coaches what they appreciate about their members and vice versa. Keep reading to catch all the gratitude feels!

Lisa Clayton, Profile Member: I teamed up with Erika when I first joined Profile in December 2018. At the time, I was very stressed and wasn't eating regularly. It was my husband who encouraged me to join Profile with him. Erika talked to me about why it was important to get food in our bodies (the good kind).

Erika has always been there to talk when my weeks are rough, and I can message her any time I have a question. I now go to a gym because of Erika, where I enjoy doing TRX, boxing and high intensity workouts. She has been a great support through this journey. My self-confidence has grown, and I feel better about myself. Since joining, I have lost 37 lbs with 5 more to go to hit my goal. Thank you, Erika, for all of the support and help you have given me!

Erika Bracht, Profile Coach: Most of my members have tried many programs or diets, so it means a lot that they trust me as their health coach. I've hugged members, I have cried with members and I have laughed many times with my members! I am just so grateful for all my members. Not only do I get to teach them, but they get to teach me as well. I’m amazed by my members’ courage, strength and consistency to keep going even if they have a setback. I try and lead by example and from that I have seen great success in my members. I appreciate and love them all like they're my family.


Tasha Noe, Profile Member: I started Profile a few months after my husband Scott did. He was seeing such great results that I wanted to get in on the game too! My husband directed me to his favorite coach, Geoffrey, and it wasn't long before I realized WHY he was his favorite!

Geoffrey takes the time to listen and makes you feel like he is all ears every time we meet. He also has proven time and again how knowledgeable he is about Profile foods and how the body works in regard to nutrition and weight loss. We each have had some challenging questions when it comes to our macros in our plan, and Geoffrey always has an answer for us. He is always eager to "crunch numbers" for us! We find that this is so helpful in the weight-loss process of actually teaching us how to read labels and know what we are putting into our bodies. We often send Geoffrey pictures of nutrition labels and questions while we are out grocery shopping and he has never failed us in answering our questions in a timely manner.

Geoffrey has been one our biggest supporters and encourages us often. We sometimes come in and meet with him as a couple (we tease that this is our therapy session) and we always leave feeling empowered and educated. We both appreciate his dedication to us (almost a year on plan now) and his ongoing support on the plan.

Geoffrey Pahl, Profile Coach: I care so much and highly appreciate all the Profile members I see regularly. I understand how much it takes to open up, sometimes to a stranger, and I know how difficult it can be to bring challenges to the table. I appreciate the trust our members allow to have with me and the honesty they share with me daily. With these aspects together, it creates one of the most important appreciations I have for our Profile members, the relationships I have the chance to experience with them!


Stacy Blackwell, Profile Member: I appreciate Kaylee as my Profile Coach because she truly understands my struggles and still holds me accountable. I know that Kaylee has a vested interest in my success and she continuously provides tips and food for thought to push me towards my goal. I have developed a great relationship with Kaylee and I think of her as “the best coach ever” and also my friend.

Kaylee Buch, Profile Coach: My members are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face and look forward to every day. I appreciate the conversations I have with them and am thankful they are willing to open up and tell me their stories. I love watching their progress as they transform their lives during this journey. It's never easy changing habits but they always come in with an open mind which makes my job fun. I'm thankful for all the relationship I've built while being a coach and have grown a lot during this journey as well.

undefinedThink of all the things you are thankful for today on World Gratitude Day. If a Profile Coach isn't one of them and you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, now is the perfect time to set up your first free coaching session at your local Profile store! Take it from these members - you'll be glad you