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Up Your Game: 6 Practical Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and Enjoy a Baseball Game This Summer

Summer is upon us and that means America’s favorite pastime is in full swing! Don’t strike out on your summer health goals. Hit them out of the park as you cheer on your favorite baseball team with these six helpful tips:

1. Have a game plan – pun intended.

Empower yourself by doing your research before the first pitch. Ask around or peek at the stadium’s online menu. Be sure to also check for rules: Does the stadium allow you to bring in a cooler with your favorite nutritious snacks? Many stadiums let fans enter with water bottles. Do your research!

2. You’re not you when you’re hangry.

Making mindful choices when you’re hungry and the smells of caramel corn and cotton candy are wafting your way can be a true challenge. Have a snack or meal before you leave for the ballpark so you can be confident in your food and beverage choices when you’re at the game.

3. Choose the food item you really want.

Life is all about balance. Don’t deny yourself your favorite food if you decide it’s something you’d really like to have. Instead, prioritize your favorites. Would you rather have your favorite treat or an alcoholic beverage? Maybe it’s both and that’s ok, too! Consider ways you can enjoy your favorites and control your portion size. Maybe split it with a friend or family member, ask for a half size, or cut it in half and give the other half to a fellow fan.

4. Stay hydrated.

It’s easy to confuse hunger and dehydration cues. Attending an afternoon game in the sun and heat will increase your risk for dehydration. Make sure you’re keeping up with your hydration needs. Either bring an empty water bottle to fill at the game or snag a water at the concession stand.

5. Get your seventh-inning stretch in!

Take advantage of downtime between innings. Take a lap around the stadium or your section of seating. Make a step goal and reach it by the end of the game!

6. Communicate your needs for support.

Research shows that people are more successful in reaching health goals when they rely on support from other people in their lives. Identify someone you feel comfortable communicating your goals to and ask for the specific support you need to be successful. 

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