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Natalie’s Happiness Hack #1: Savoring Moments

In celebration of “National Admit You’re Happy” month, Profile’s Senior Learning and Development Specialist Natalie Papini is here to dish out well-being and happiness tips ALL. MONTH. LONG. Natalie already has her Master’s in clinical health psychology and is now hitting the books for her Ph.D. (In other words, she is one smart cookie when it comes to behavior change.)

Before we get to any tips, I’d like to dive into what happiness truly is. Despite the picture the media paints, happiness is not feeling good 24/7, achieving the perfect body, having a full bank account, or owning a mansion and fancy sports car. You won’t magically arrive to happiness once your problems sort themselves out. When it comes to happiness, someone once said: “The reward is in the journey, NOT the destination.”

Ultimately, happiness is when you’re living life with purpose and meaning and feel content on a daily basis. To break it down more, about 40% of your happiness is controlled by your actions and thoughts, 50% is genetic, and 10% involves life circumstances and events.1

Percentages of happiness

This shows you can boost your happy-o-meter by routinely practicing things like self-compassion and gratitude. Much like a garden, you need to consistently water, feed and tend to these skills to see the best return on your efforts.1

Happiness Hack #1: Savoring

Savoring is the act of recognizing when you are in a joy-filled moment, taking a step back, and fully absorbing and appreciating it. It is a major mood booster as it helps you remember the good things in your life, keeps you present during happy moments, and amps up your gratitude.1

Here is how to savor a moment in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Recognize a positive experience that happens in your day. This can be a meaningful conversation with a friend, driving across lovely scenery on your morning commute, or reading a text message that makes you smile and laugh.

Step 2: Take a moment to reflect on why this makes you happy.

Step 3: Track what you are savoring throughout your week by jotting it down on paper or taking a picture of it. This will help you create a collection of what made you feel good that you can review and reflect on.

Remember, you can boost your happiness with effort and practice. I’m so excited to share more mood-boosting tips with you throughout this month! Your Profile Coach can also be part of your support system as you work on your well-being.

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