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3 Mouth-Watering Coach-Created Recipes You'll Spring For

If you’re from a cold-weather state, you’re probably saying, “Goodbye Old Man Winter and hello sunny days!” We’re ready to get outside, enjoy backyard BBQs with family and friends and relax by the lake. As an ode to all things spring and summer, we’re releasing a Greens, Grillers & Goodies Cookbook featuring 32 creative, healthy recipes that pop with sensational flavors and help you add variety to your plan.

From refreshing notes of citrus to flavorful grilled delights, the Greens, Grillers & Goodies Cookbook will inspire you to get creative with your cooking and embrace the flavors of the season. Perfect for staying on track this summer and sharing with family and friends, you can get your cookbook at your nearest Profile location!

Until you can grab your copy, here is a look at three of the recipes and the coaches who created them.


Apple Gorgonzola Pizza

Coach Trish Tigert is the mastermind behind this uniquely delicious Apple Gorgonzola Pizza. A foodie who is passionate about nutrition, Trish enjoys helping members develop healthy relationships with food and mentoring them towards long-term healthy habits.

Why did you choose this recipe? I enjoy putting flavors together that most people wouldn’t think to try. These flavors are different and unique yet work well together.

What cooking tip do you have for Profile members? Try not to overcomplicate it. Just experiment with your favorite foods and put together things you like.


Jicama Hasbrowns

These Jicama Hashbrowns are coach Lindsey Bryan’s tasty, veggie-filled twist on a breakfast classic. Lindsey has been a part of the Profile team for over 4 1/2 years and she enjoys bringing motivation and positivity to the lives of Profile members.

Why did you choose this recipe? I am a breakfast person and I love a good satisfying breakfast. This recipe shows you can have a hearty breakfast and also get your veggies in.

What cooking tip do you have for Profile members? I encourage members to be open minded and try new things. Try recipes and cook your veggies differently. The members I coach often surprise themselves with what they enjoy through experimenting.


Spring rolls

If you’re on the hunt for a veggie-filled lunch that isn’t a salad, coach Megan Swiderski’s Vegetable Spring Rolls is the one for you! Cooking has been Megan’s creative outlet since a young age and she enjoys sharing that passion with the members she coaches.

Why did you choose this recipe? I wanted to give members an option for getting their raw veggies in that was different than a regular salad. This is an outside-the-box recipe that will add variety to a meal plan.

What cooking tip do you have for Profile members? It can be challenging to start incorporating more veggies into your meals, so I encourage members to ease into it. Find recipes you love. Also, keeping chopped-up veggies around to throw into meals is a great idea!


Start enjoying the flavors of the season now! Stop by your local Profile by Sanford store today to buy the cookbook before they're gone!