Vacay The Profile Way

Vacay The Profile Way

David Aderholdt is an Assistant Store Manager in Moorhead, Minnesota and a guest contributor to the Profile Blog. David is currently pursuing his Ph. D in Education and is a Graduate Research Assistant at Montana State University-Bozeman.

Profile is a comprehensive healthy lifestyle change service. As such, our products and services are a huge part of our members’ lives. Members take Profile with them to work, on their days off and on vacation.

Many of the members I have had the privilege of coaching have had the opportunity to go on vacation while they’re on the Profile Plan. Although going on a vacation may seem like a daunting task to a Profile member, it can be much easier than you think with the help of a Certified Profile Coach.    

In the weeks prior to the vacation, I have discussions with members about all the things they need to do to mentally prepare so they can further their progress toward achieving their goals while on vacation.  One thing I frequently discuss is how to take Profile with them on their trip.

Here are some three tips I often provide members as they prepare for their vacation:

1. Take Your Coach with You

While Profile Coaches can’t actually come with you on vacation, they can still provide support over the phone.  Your coach is your guide to healthy lifestyle change and they will be glad to call you for your regular meeting or even if you just need a pep talk mid-way through your trip. 

Sometimes things go sideways during a trip and you run into unexpected challenges.  Profile locations can often accommodate same day coaching - give your store a call and see what is available.

2. Planning Your Flight

Flying with Profile poses its own challenges.While TSA regulations technically allow protein powders in both carry-on and checked bags, it is up to the TSA Agent’s discretion if you get to keep them.Due to this, put your Profile Food in a checked back when possible, and only carry-on what you need to stay on plan while separated from your bags.

If you need to bring all of your Profile Food with you in your carry-on, I would encourage keeping the boxes the packets come in (you can break one down) to show the TSA Agent what the suspicious powder in your carry-on really is.

3. Resupply!

If members I am coaching are planning an extended vacation, we will often proactively discuss sending them food while they are away.Talk to your Coach in advance about what you think will work best in your situation.

What if you run out of food while on vacation? You’re in luck - Profile can ship your food to you! Shipping anything takes time, so we encourage you to call as soon as you can. If you are out of Profile food and are waiting for your shipment, give your store a call. Your coach can talk through healthier grocery food options you can have to help keep you on track!

We hope you enjoy your upcoming vacation! As you enjoy a change of pace and some new scenery, always remember: Profile’s here for you, no matter where you’re at when you need us!