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Profile and Mattress Firm: #WorkYourWellness

Profile’s Wellness Promotion Guru, Tasha Reynolds, checks in from Mattress Firm’s Bed Talks 2017 to root for Profile members.

Team Profile is live in Houston this week helping Mattress Firm #WorkYourWellness. We’re promoting wellness, leading workouts and celebrating the success Mattress Firm employees have had making healthy lifestyle change.

Here’s a pretty picture!

Mattress Firm Member Impact Report

Our Member Impact Reports are a snapshot in time. We take off names and personal information, and we just do some quick math to help companies see what healthy lifestyle change looks like.

To all our Profile members working their wellness, Profile is here cheering you on!

Tasha Reynolds heads up Profile by Sanford’s employer partnership efforts, which means she carriers Profile Anywhere in the world. She bleeds Profile orange, but prefers to wear pink. When she’s not buzzing around the country, she teaches yoga and hangs out with her cats.