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Let's End The Year Right With 31 Days of Healthy Habits!

The winter season presents a unique set of challenges for those that are in the process of making a healthy lifestyle change. Cold weather, early sunsets and the temptation of plan-busting holiday feasts can make for a long couple of months. If you’re on one of the Profile Plan weight loss programs, finding a consistent routine is important, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of redundancy in the cold winter months.

Small changes can make a big difference - every little thing you do adds up. As we approach year’s end, it’s important to stay positive, maintain our focus and add some variety to our everyday life.

That’s why we’re motivating our members to mix it up a bit this month with our 31-day Healthy Habits Challenge! Download this calendar and use it to help you add one extra little thing to your day each and every day in the month of December because every little thing counts! Push through this next month and head into the new year better off than you are right now. We know you can do it!

Printable Calendar - Click Here to Download