Tips or Tricks - Profile Halloween

Tips or Tricks - Profile Halloween

Despite its spooky reputation, Halloween doesn’t have to be a terror when it comes to reaching your health goals. Below are a list of 6 recommendations to help you enjoy the Halloween hoopla while still casting spells on your scale.

1. Goals > Gobstoppers.

Don’t be tricked by treats this Halloween. Create a goal for yourself with an end date of November 1. Having a goal at the forefront of your mind could provide extra incentive to ward off the candy and stay on plan. Write down your goal or make a note in your cell phone of your goal. Refer back to it when you feel tempted to go off plan to remind yourself of what you are aiming for the next day.

2. Not all candy is equal.

Candy is loaded with sugar and trans fats. One fun-size (which takes about 1.5-2 bites to finish, on average) Baby Ruth contains 85 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 10 grams of sugar. A fun-size pack of peanut butter M&M’s contains 95 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 11.5 grams of sugar. On top of that, chances are, you’re left feeling hungry after those 2 bites. Where’s the fun in that? This Halloween, have some real fun by opting for a FULL-sized Profile bar! If you normally have your Profile bar in the morning, plan ahead to have it during a time when you know you’ll want to reach for a piece of candy (for instance, when you’re handing out candy to trick or treaters).

3. Donate your leftover candy.

The easiest way to avoid eating candy is to not have it around. Instead, have your kids sort through their loot and select 5-10 pieces for themselves. Take the rest of the candy and donate it to Profile! For every 1 pound of candy donated, you will receive $1 dollar off of your purchase up to $10 dollars. Take the candy out of your house and put some money back in your wallet!


Bring in your leftover Halloween candy and save $1 on your next Profile purchase for every pound of candy that you donate*! 100% of donations will be sent to Operation Gratitude and delivered to our troops! No Pixy Stix please.

*$1 savings per 1 lb. increments. $10 maximum discount. Offer valid November 1-5.

4. Enjoy your favorite and find a “candy copilot.”

If you know that Snickers are your favorite and you really want to have one, give yourself permission to have one if it’s important to you. Make the decision to have 1 fun-sized Snickers bar ahead of time and then be done with it. Don’t let one piece of candy lead to 10. Find a friend to make a pact with. Talk through what is realistic with your friend, and develop a plan for each of you to follow-through with. Throughout the night when you want to grab more candy than you planned for, reach out to your friend to lean on for support. At the end of the night, check in to see how things went.

5. DIY Office Treats

Make the office celebration less frightful by bringing a Profile-friendly treat that will have all heads turning---even the headless horseman. Wow your coworkers and stay on plan with the hot artichoke dip

6. Save your wrappers and keep them with you.

It’s easy for 1 piece of candy to turn into 5, 10, or more. Avoid the guesswork at the end of the night with how many pieces you ate, and store the wrappers in pocket. Wrappers can serve as a visual cue and tracking mechanism to help you pinpoint how often you indulged. If you find that you overindulged, identify how you feel about it (and write that down if you are so inclined). Take this information with you into your next coaching appointment to discuss.