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Your Profile Super Bowl Game Plan

Whether you’re a football fan or not, odds are you still plan to take in the game and experience Super Bowl Sunday. From commercials and Cold Play to beer and Beyonce`, there isn’t much you can’t love about this day! While typical tailgating food and drink are a far cry from healthy, there are strategies we can use heading into the day so your winning record of health and wellness isn’t shattered by blue cheese and bloody marys.

Grab a pen and get your game face on. It’s time to review film from last year, find our weaknesses and make sure we have a solid defense in place. Let’s go for a Super Bowl Profile win!

Game Plan

1. Eat Breakfast

If you only execute one of the strategies provided, make it this one. By starting your day with a protein-packed, low-calorie breakfast of a Profile Shake, you are setting the tone for a controlled game day. With a 6 pm kickoff, you have the opportunity to dominate your lunch with yet another healthy choice.

2. Research the Roster

Weigh your options and pick a few of your favorite dishes- but skip the urge to try everything. MVPs will go one step further and bring their own healthy dish. Here are some great Profile Super Bowl Recipes to try!

3. Listen to the Coach (you!)

Pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues. Mindless eating often occurs when watching TV and Football Field those cues can be hard to trust when our emotions are tied to a football game.

4. Hustle!

Get up and move around during commercials but don’t mingle by the food.

5. Water Break!

If you decide to drink alcohol, do so sensibly and drink water in between each drink.

6. Keep Your Head in the Game

No matter what, stay positive. Even if you overdo it at the party, keep things in perspective. If you make the choice to go off plan, acknowledge that one party does not negate all of your previous successes.