Top 3 Reasons You Should be using a Coach to Help Lose Weight.

Top 3 Reasons You Should be using a Coach to Help Lose Weight.

One main component of Profile that sets it apart from other weight management programs is individualized coaching. Our coaches come from different academic backgrounds, have diverse hobbies and passions related to health and well-being, and utilize different coaching styles. Despite all of these differences, our coaches share one common purpose: they are trained and certified to partner with you to maximize your personal potential at any given juncture of your health journey. The following are the top three benefits of using your coach.

1. Members who use personal coaching are more satisfied and motivated.

Nearly everyone experiences times when motivation to lose weight and maintain weight loss is low. Rather than going off plan and losing sight of what it was that prompted you to start this journey, opt to use a coach as a safety net. Coaches understand that motivation fluctuates and are ready to help you get excited about your health. In fact, findings indicate that satisfaction and motivation improve when members are able to establish relationships with Profile coaches. Profile members who use coaching note that coaches listen and address questions and serve as positive and supportive influences. And really, who doesn’t need more positivity in their life?

2. Accountability.

Have you ever recruited a friend or family member to be your accountability person only to find out they weren’t very good at it? Think of your coach as an accountability partner who is always there for you. Coaches identify your goals, help you unleash your potential, and hold you responsible for your actions. They are champions of your potential, sounding boards for your decision making, and challengers of your blind spots. Ultimately, coaches want to see you succeed in reaching your goal and know that holding you accountable is part of the process.

3. Getting Your Money’s Worth.

Whether you use it or not, your membership fee includes coaching. The more you schedule and attend a coaching session, the better bang for your buck. Let’s use Jim and Nancy as examples. Jim and Nancy are Profile members who each paid a $300 membership fee. Jim attends a coaching session once each week, and is getting that service for $5.77 per session. Nancy, on the other hand, attends a coaching session once each month and is getting that service for $25 per session. As illustrated, using our coaching services benefits you and allows you to maximize your membership fee. Furthermore, we understand that life is busy and can schedule a face-to-face or virtual phone call appointment to make things easier for you.

Whatever your reason for not using coaching-- being too busy, meeting your goal, or a negative coaching experience-- reconsider giving it another shot. For those who have reached your goal, schedule sustain appointments with your coach as a way to further ensure long-lasting results. If you’ve had a bad coaching experience, contact your store and request a different coach. Don’t be afraid of trial and error when it comes to finding a coach (or a few coaches) that you click with. The benefits of coaching are undeniable. Coaches are ready to walk with you as you invest in your health- just let them know when to tie up their laces.